How to build a slim holder for the Nightrider / Blucon Adapter

The Blucon Adapter is a device that continuously reads the Data from a Freestyle Libre and sends them to your Smartphone and Smart Watch. The idea is nice, but the actual design sucks. Therefore, you have to tape it or glue it or use another hack to keep it on the Libre otherwise it just doesn’t fit. If you want to know what the benefits are and how I use it read my Blog post here.

The diabetes online community (doc) is very active and started building more and more solutions for this problem. You can find 3D Printed armbands, self-made socks and design tape online – all made by people with diabetes for people with diabetes.

I tried almost everything, but nothing convicted me. So, I started my own little side project and want to share it with you. It’s a silicon ring that fits on to the Libre and holds the Blucon / Nightrider without using tape or something else.

All you need:

I started with 3D printing rings in different sizes. For every ring I did a silicon mold. After several attempts and a few hours, I finally had a perfect fitting size. You don’t have to do that because you can download my 3D file for free. If you don’t have a 3D printer you can buy the 3D print from 3D printing service. Once you have your silicon mold you can build the ring. Keep in mind to use the release agent for the mold Then mix silicon again and fill the mold with it. Done! Just that easy.

If you have no time building your own one you can get the final ring in the Shop -> Blucon holder 

21 thoughts on “How to build a slim holder for the Nightrider / Blucon Adapter

  1. Hey Kevin,
    Awesome idea, could I purchase one too? Closest I’ve seen is a clip on design via a German eBay but I think your design looks better.

  2. I do not have access to a 3 D printer may I trouble you to make 2 for me please? I will gladly pay you for them.
    I thank you greatly in advance.

    Jen B.

  3. Hello Kevin,
    after the first two weeks of using the Slim Holder for the BlueCon Nightrider a short review.
    Easy and fast delivery to my friends since I am living in China at the moment. I just reconfirmed how to assembly the ring with the Nightrider.
    The nightrider fits very good on the Libre Sensor. I was just afraid that it may fell off which it did not. But when you hit the door frame or somebody is moving over your arm it might fall off.
    For sleeping the nightrider is too bulky and it is disturbing me. after the second night, I found it in my bed and not connected anymore to the Libre sensor.
    Pulling it off and connect it again every day is working but I felt the glue is less working. Finally, it worked all 14 days without issues even it feels more lose over the last days.

    I like the solution very much, very helpful for my daily blood glucose measurement. Good Job.

  4. I just ordered the 3D print from Shape Ways you posted above. Can you give me the brand/name or URL of the Release Agent and Silicone you used to cast with? Any additional instructions or tips would also be helpful since I have no previous experience. Thanks in advance!

  5. I love Blucon because of the less connectivity issues. The best thing is their updated alarms. Their Linkblucon app connects with Nightscout also. Overall performance is good. Their follow feature is amazing, anyone can follow the readings from any distance. 

    1. I’ll double check and try – due to the current COVID-19 situation I have some troubles with shipping to some countries. Please send me your address via contact form and I’ll get back to you with more information.

  6. Hello,

    Is it possible for you to email make me the pattern as I live in Canada, And I can’t download the 3D printer pattern as Canada is not on the list of countries. I would love just to purchase a pre made one as well but suspect the cost to ship it to Canada is outrageous.


  7. Good to see many Blucon users. Feeling proud that I’m also using it. It really helped me to manage my diabetes. 3D ring holder seems to be comfortable then anything else.

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