Top 10 most successful Diabetes Crowdfunding Campaigns

Who is pushing diabetes innovation forward?

The people with diabetes itself start to come up with innovative ideas to help each other. Nowadays almost everyone has access to affordable hardware and digital solutions. The patients know the everyday pains and struggles better than anyone else. That’s why they successfully start crowdfunding campaigns on platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo and start their own businesses afterwards. Here are the top 10 campaigns from diabetics for diabetics:

1. Beta Bionics | 1,000,000$

Beta Bionics is a bionic pancreas called the iLet™, a pocket-sized, wearable medical device that autonomously manages blood sugar levels in people with diabetes.

2. One Drop | 56,521$

One Drop Premium: A New Approach to Diabetes. One monthly subscription. Everything you need.

3. Jerry The Bear | 50,744$

Jerry the Bear is a best friend for children newly diagnosed with type 1 (T1D). He helps kids master their medical procedures, from counting carbs to monitoring their blood sugar levels – all through play!

4. GluCase | 50,491$

Simplifying diabetes management with the world’s first smartphone case glucose meter.

5. Insulog | 45,961$

Insulog is a smart little device that tracks and manages your insulin intake activity and data.

6. Poppy Medical ID Bracelets | 44,748$

Medical IDs, beautifully crafted, that people actually want to wear. Created by a jewelry designer living with Type 1.

7. blueReader | 34,317$

blueReader can read NFC-Tags and transmit the data via bluetooth to a smartphone. It can also work with medical devices like the FreeStyle Libre from Abbott.

8. Diabeto | 18,945$

A cute accessible hardware device that wirelessly syncs Glucometer readings with your smartphone.

9. AnimalTrainingCenter | 18,6197$

The AnimalTrainingCenter is a Center where Diabetes Dogs get trained.

10. insulinK™ | 10,302$

It automatically records insulin dosages and uploads numbers to the Dnurse™ App.


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  1. Eine sehr schöne Übersicht der Unterschiedlichen Kampagnen. Es ist schon beeinddruckend zu sehen, wieviele finanzielle Unterstützung ein Projekt durch Crowdfunding erzielen kann. Kein Wunder, dass immer mehr Menschen in den unterschiedlichsten Bereichen darauf zurückgreifen.

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