Setup miaomiao – another system that can read Freestyle Libre Data

A new system that can read the Freestyle Libre is out there and I did a short video to demonstrate how slim it is and how easy to attach to your skin. This system allows me to show the Freestyle Libre data on my phone with alerts and on my Apple Watch. Apps that I use I show in the Video: Spike & Nightguard

Read my experience with that transmitter here.

Let me know if you have any questions.

31 thoughts on “Setup miaomiao – another system that can read Freestyle Libre Data

  1. Thank you for the video, it’s very interesting. I’d like to buy a miaomiao mainly for the alerts during the night, but my carer receives my measures through the original app of freestyle in my iPhone ( and the diasend website ) and therefore I must read the data also with the original freestyle app. Do you know if I can read the same sensor with spike (through miao miao) and with the original freestyle app or I have to choose only a reading system ?
    Thank you.

      1. Hi Kevin thanks.

        So with my libre and I’ll be getting miaomiao to give me alarms, how can I link the devices together with diasend and xdrip or what do you suggest as no one can really pinpoint and tell me exactly making life not such a headache trying to monitor diabetes! *Overwhelmed*

  2. Hi
    I’ve just set up the miaomiao for my daughter who is 11, but I downloaded spike on my phone and not hers. Please could you advise how I am able to get spike on to her phone and make her the master and me the follower.

    Many thanks


    1. On iOS or Android? Have you installed it via TestFlight? You can install TestFlight on the phone of your daughter and login with you credentials – you should be able to install spike on her phone afterwards. A quick and easy way to share the data is to enable the Calendar Integration in Spike and then share the calendar with yourself.

  3. Hallo, miaomiao hat mein Interesse geweckt … wenn ich es bestelle, bekomme ich dann auch eine deutsche Anleitung dazu? Da mein Englisch nicht so perfekt ist 🙂 und dauernd Leo zu rate ziehen ist auch nicht so prickelnd!
    Funktioniert die App mit dem iPhone X und der angebissenen Watch I ?

    Danke für Eure RM

    1. Hi Danny, auf Deutsch wird es sicherlich noch keine Anleitung geben. iPhone X und Apple Watch I sollten kompatibel sein – Angabe ohne Gewähr.
      Hier habe ich etwas ausführlicher über MiaoMiao geschrieben:

    2. Ich habe mir den miaomiao nach Norwegen schicken lassen. Die Anleitung auf Englisch ist so gut wie wertlos. Auf keine Dokumentation. Aber der miaomiao funktioniert!

  4. Hello, can you tell me how can I get data from kid’s phone (Android) to my phone (Android). We can use only Glimp (no xdrop or Spike) here. Thank you!

  5. Hi Could you please help me with some information I have bought the MiaoMiao for my son and have recieved it.
    It is for my son he has a Samsung android phone. Now I am not technical at all and I really do not have any idea what to do to set it up.
    I know how to put it on the Libre sensor but that’s all. I want to be able to have my sons glucose readings sent to my phone every 5 mins.My phone is an Iphone x. Ideally I would like to use the spike app on my sons phone and from what I understand it is available to download from the google play if I download spike from google play store to my sons android phone than what do I have to do to get his glucose readings sent to my IPhone x every 5 mins ? I have searched on the internet for information but just can not find out.
    Any information instructions would be very much appreciated. Thank you.
    Kind Regards

    1. Hi Wendy, Spike is only available for iOS. To collect the data from an android / Samsung phone you need to search for xDrip+ (it’s not in the App Store). Once you receive the data you need to setup Nightscout. If you have that setup you can use Spike on your iPhone X and set it to FOLLOWER, there you need to enter your Nightscout Address.

  6. Does it work in the US? We don’t have the capability to use an app with our libres yet. And where is the best place to buy it so the shipping is fast?

  7. Hallo Kevin,

    nun muss ich Dich doch nochmal belästigen …
    … bei mir sagt die Spike App, “Spike” Beta ist abgelaufen

    Was mache ich nun?

    Viele Grüsse

    1. Hi, wahrscheinlich nutzt du noch TestFlight oder? Die Entwickler nutzen jetzt eine andere Plattform. Eigentlich hättest du eine E-Mail dazu bekommen müssen. Wenn nicht melde dich auf der Spike-App Website noch einmal an. Es gibt auch die Möglichkeit alle Daten in die neue App zu kopieren.

  8. Hi Kevin,we bought our 10 year old daughter the Miao Miao and successfully installed the Spike on an old iPhone and got it working. We then set up my husband’s iPhone as follower, but it keeps losing the connection. He gets notifications saying Spike has been inactive for over 10 minutes,but on my daughter’s phone it is working? Both are on our home WiFi. Is it possible for me to be a follower from an android phone?

    1. Hi, have you had a look into Nightscout? If you setup Nightscout you can use xDrip for example to get your daughters glucose readings on an android phone.

      1. Hello, I have a similar problem, spike works on my sons iphone 7 and did work on my iPhone 7 for a short while then stopped working, tried reconnecting lots of times with no luck. I read that Nightscout can send a reading remotely which would be better when my son is at school, will Nightscout work with Freestyle Libre, MiaoMiao, spike both with iphones. Thanks

  9. My son has just gotten his Miao Miao reader set up and he is using a Samsung android device. He installed the tomato app on his device and everything seems to be running fine. I have an apple phone and installed the tomato app. We have looked everywhere to try and find how to sync the two. They call it family care. We have tried to pay for premium but in the tomato app it seems to not be functioning properly. Does anyone know how to sync such devices using tomato? Thanks.

  10. Hi Kevin,

    Kannst du mir aus deinem Test heraus sagen, ob die Apple Watch MAIOMAIO direkt auslesen kann (mit Spike), auch wenn das iPhone nicht in der Nähe ist? Danke!

  11. Hi Kevin.
    Ich nutze Freestyle Libre 2, habe jetzt den Miaomiao 2 und Spike auf mein IPhone7 geladen. Spike findet den Transmitter, gibt mir nur ständig die „Warnung“, dass der Sensor nicht gefunden werden kann und ich überprüfen soll, ob der Transmitter richtig auf dem Sensor sitzt. Das tut er. Mit dem Freestyle Libre Gerät und der Libre App funktioniert es. Hast du eine Idee wie ich das Problem lösen kann?
    Vielen Dank für deine Hilfe.

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