How Siri can tell your blood glucose

The Shortcuts App from Apple has now more Siri support and with some requirements it is possible to ask Siri about your glucose level. Shortcuts can automate workflows and has access to apple services and other apps. These Shortcuts can be started via Siri, App or Widget.




    1. To access Siri an iPhone with iOS 12 or higher needs to be intalled. If Shortcuts is not installed it can be downloaded from the App-Store:
    2. The Spike App can’t be downloaded from the App-Store. It only possible to install it via E-Mail invitation from this Website->
    3. In Spike the HTTP Server needs to be enabled. This can be found at Settings / Integration. Now the Glucose readings are available at a local Server that is running on the phone.
    4. The Shortcuts can access that server. Download this Shortcut
      Download: English mg/dL
      Download: English mmol/L
      Download: German mg/dL
    5. To start the Shortcut with a custom command, go to the Shortcut settings and edit the Siri-Phrase
    6. Done.

Now the shortcut is available via Apple Watch or Hey Siri. This is quite interesting for special situations where you can’t access your phone. For example, under the Shower / while taking a bath or at night.

4 thoughts on “How Siri can tell your blood glucose

  1. I received my miaomiao today. I have attached it, to my Freestyle Libre and downloaded Spike. But I don’t understand how MM talks to my pump. I thought it did? Or do I have this wrong? Does it just send data to iphone, which I thought the freestyle app did.
    I’m struggling to find any useful information on the miaomiao website.
    Sorry – so confused …….

  2. Hey!
    Sehr cooler Artikel. Ich möchte das unbedingt für meine erblindete Tante umsetzen.
    Leidere haben die Entwickler von der Spike App nicht auf meine eMail geantwortet. Gibt es vielleicht einen anderen Weg um an die App zu kommen?

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