DIY Insulin-Pump-T-Shirt

Where to put your Insulin-Pump?

Walking to the bath at night – ups there was something else. Almost every day I have to carry this pump in my hand because either the tube is to short or I don’t have pants where the pump fits in. Especially in summer I don’t want to wear an extra mount on my arm, leg or elsewhere. That’s why I came up with this DIY Insulin-Pump T-Shirt hack.


What you need for your DIY Pump-Holder

  1. A T-Shirt or other closes that you want to hack.
  2. Iron
  3. An Iron Patch. You will find them on amazon
  4. Scissors
  5. A piece of textile


Step by step to you own Shirt-Pump-Holder

  1. Prepare your Cloth I turned my Shirt around so that I can attach the patch to the insight.
  2. Power your iron
  3. The patch sticks everywhere. That’s why we have to cut the piece of textile and attach it to the patch. In the end you want the patch only stick on the Outside. Like a big ‘U’
  4. Now use the hot iron at hold it on the patch for around 30 seconds.
  5. Wait five minutes and your DIY Insulin-Pump-Shirt is ready to go.

    Have fun and let me know if it worked out for you.


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