My experience with the MiaoMiao Freestyle Libre Transmitter

I used MiaoMiao the last three month and now it’s time to tell you more about that magic little device. If you don’t know what it is: MiaoMiao is a transmitter that can be attached on top of the Freestyle Libre – similar to the device called Blucon that I used before. It continuously reads the Freestyle Libre and sends the data to your phone. The FreestlyeLibre simply turns into a CGM.

Dexcom MiaoMaio Libre Eversense Blucon
Eversense – MiaoMiao – Blucon – Dexcom

MiaoMiao FreestyleLibre Transmitter – Buy, Shipping and Tracking

But first of all, it starts with ordering the system. I have to admit that I was a little bit skeptical. In the past I already ordered things from abroad, but not in such a price range. I paid 184 euros for the device and it took three weeks till I finally got it in my hands – so you need to calm down and wait. It’s not amazon prime now with same day delivery. From other users I heard that they improved shipping, tracking and I think they started working together with other distributors.

After the postman left the house I couldn’t wait to test it. The box is very tiny and it comes with a custom charging cable, adhesive tape and the MiaoMiao Transmitter.

I only charged it for a few minutes, because I really wanted to see if it’s working.


Unboxing maiorais libre transmitter
10$ Off coupon code: dialifehacks

Compatible Diabetes Apps

To connect and receive the data I needed an app that is not officially in the App Store. Depending on your operating system you can use Apps like Spike, xdrip or Glimp. For Spike, which is the app that I use. You need to be invited with your iCloud E-Mail and can then download the App via another App called Testflight. You can go to their website and see more details. It’s easier than it sounds like.

The setup is straightforward – I simply attached the MiaoMiao Transmitter to the FreeStyle Libre with the adhesive sticker that comes with the system. Then activated bluetooth and open the Spike App. Finally, I selected the MiaoMiao as transmitter and it connected automatically. That’s all.


Apple Watch Freestyle Libre MiaoMiao
Apple Watch with data from the Miao Miao

Problems, experience and tips

After a while I asked myself what’s with the old FreeStyle Libre scanner? Yes, you can still use it. No problem at all. And if you scan the Libre with your NFC enabled phone within 30 min after you attached the sensor you can use your phone too.

That means I’m very flexible with that system what I like a lot. For example, I could attach it only at night to get alarms. Oh yes alarms, I didn’t mention that. If you haven’t had a Dexcom, Enlite or Eversense Sensor before you missed something very helpful. Instead of actively scanning my sensor and constantly thinking about it. I just get an alert before I’m above or below my target range and can inject insulin or take sugar. In addition to that I also get the values on my Apple Watch. This is one of the things I ever dreamed of. That was also possible with the Blucon Transmitter, but MiaoMiao is different!

I’m not sure how they did it, but the battery life of this tiny device is just incredible. It last about three weeks and sometimes even longer – my apple watch is dead after a single day. On top of this the MiaoMiao is rechargeable and that is a big point. Wasting a battery for the Blucon every two weeks was a nightmare.

A second advantage for me is the product design. Some people like the way how the blucon looks like, but when I sleep on my arm that can be painful and therefore I prefer the MiaoMiao. The height and length are bigger but the height of the Blucon was the disturbing part for me. The third thing that I realized is the bluetooth connection. I’m not sure if it’s the software or hardware side that works better, but I don’t have to push any reset buttons. If the connections get lost – all I need to do is open the app again and it connects. This happens three to four times a week. Which was also the case with Dexcom or Eversense.

Dropped MiaoMiao Freestyle Libre
Dropped the MaioMio FreeStyleLibte Transmitter

One last thing that I want to share is about the adhesive stickers that come with the Transmitter. At the beginning I had no problem with them, but after a while my skin reacted wired to the adhesive. So, I only used the stickers on the tip of the Transmitter. The Miao Miao is now only attached to the plastic of the Libre and not to my skin. A disadvantage is that it can fall of easier. Especially when I do sport or transpire a lot e.g. in summer. But in that case, I used kinesio tape which I could quickly change and where I know that I’m not allergic to the adhesive. But it’s still adhesive on my skin and therefore I designed a MiaoMiao holder without adhesive. It’s available at Shapeways.

I will definitely wear the MiaoMiao further and because I can recommend it I got a 10 dollar off coupon for you. Use the code ‘dialifehacks’ on their website to save money.


The text above is no medical advice. I used the device on my own risk. All Information is based on my own experience.

68 thoughts on “My experience with the MiaoMiao Freestyle Libre Transmitter

  1. Hi ich habe an dich eine Frage. In letzter Zeit habe ich in der Nacht Hypos, welche ich nicht mehr bemerke. Deshalb suche ich nach einer Lösung und bin auf deinen Beitrag gestoßen. Ich besitze ein Android Handy und keine Watch. Ist es trotzdem sinnvoll und möglich sich miaomiao zu bestellen? Oder benötigt man die Watch?
    GlG Julia und danke für deinen Blog!

  2. Hey – great article.
    One quick question for you,
    Does this device ‘expire’ ?

    As in, compare to a DexCom transmitter that expires after 3-months.

    I’m weighing my overall costs of Libre with MiaoMiao as a CGM vs DexCom 5.

    Clarity on this would be amazing!!

  3. Hi Kevin, regarding skin irritation. I have very sensitive skin and have always used Torbot SkinTac to prepare my skin before applying a Freestyle Sensor. It seems to provide a barrier to the adhesive as well as a sticky base for the adhesive to bond to. I have never had any irritation or have a sensor fall off.
    Many thanks for you blog …

  4. I’m in Canada and the spike app isn’t available yet. How do I request the redemption code to access the app on my Iphone via TestFlight? Is this on the spike website I request this?

    1. I’m in Canada too, just head to and fill in the form to request access. You’ll get an invite to Testflight where you can download the app. Now I’m just waiting to pull the trigger on ordering my MiaoMiao. If you order (or have already ordered) I’m curious to know how long it took to receive.

  5. Hallo Kevin,

    Super, Dein Bericht. Danke dafür. Ich habe den Miao Miao gekauft und möchte Spike auf meinem iPhone installieren. Die Seite meldet jedoch seit einiger Zeit nur „Maintainance Mode“.

    Kannst Du mir irgendwie helfen, an die Spike-App zu kommen? Vielleicht sogar Deine Einladung weiterreichen?

    Vielen Dank und Grüße
    Christoph aus München

    1. Hi Christoph, freut mich. Ich wüsste nicht wie ich die Einladung weiterleiten kann. Die Entwickler müssen deine E-Mail hinterlegen. Ich denke sie haben einfach sehr viele Anfragen oder veröffentlichen ein Update. Tut mir leid, es gibt auf Facebook eine Gruppe zur Spike App vllt kannst du dort fragen.

  6. Lieber Kevin,

    Mein miaomiao kam gestern an und ich war überglücklich. Es funktionierte mit Glimp und bewährte mich in der Nacht vor einer Unterzuckerung. Allerdings habe ich mir auch eine gurtlose shell über shapeways bestellt. Diese ist nach 5 Minuten tragen gleich mal gebrochen. Egal dachte ich mir, bestellte den Gurt und klebte das ganze einstweilen mit Tape zusammen. Nun aber funktioniert mein ganzer sensor nicht mehr obwohl ich ihn bis Freitag tragen sollte…. Was ist passiert?? Ist dir das schon mal passiert bzw hast du eine mögliche erklärung? Verrutscht ist nichts, habe mir in der Nacht extra einen dünnen Strumpf drüber gegeben weil es mir sonst zu wackelig vorkam…

  7. Ja genau. Es gab in der früh eine Fehlermeldung des Sensors als ich mit dem Messgerät messen wollte. Und dann verlangte es einen neuen sensor. Auf glimp fing der BZ ab 4 Uhr rapide zu fallen an bis er bei 0 war. Bekam aber auch keine Benachrichtigungen per glimp….

  8. Hello. Thank you for your blog! After coming upon it, I purchased the device immediately. I received my device yesterday and cannot seem to make it functional. I have tried with four different smart phones. It looks as though Spike is not available currently and it does not continuously read the device on Glimp. Also, it is unclear to me how to set alarms. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you.


    1. Yes Spike is currently not available. The Spike Facebook Group has more information and as I remember it should be back online in about a week. I have no experience with Glimp. Have you tried xdrip+?

  9. Spike still is not available. I am urgently waiting, because it is the only App I found connecting MiaoMiao with the iPhone. For the moment I use Glimp with a Samsung S4 phone. Yes it works, but it is kind of “bumpy” to operate.

    1. I just saw this on Facebook (Spike App Facebook Group):

      Invitations will reopen this Saturday.
      Thank you everyone for all your patience. We’re almost there! ?

    1. Hi Luz,

      I’m using a Fitbit Versa watch along with watchfaces my husband wrote. They are free and available on the watchface “store”: Simple CGM and Orbits NS (for Night Scout). I’ve got the Libre/MiaoMiao talking to Spike on iPhone plus the Versa.

  10. Vielen Dank für deinen Blog, leider funktioniert der Gutscheincode “dialifehacks” nicht. Bekomme nur diese Meldung: Ihr Warenkorb erfüllt nicht die Voraussetzungen für den DIALIFEHACKS-Rabattcode

    Im Warenkorb habe ich das MiaoMiao Gerät

  11. Guten Morgen,

    wir haben MiaoMiao für unsere kleine Tochter gekauft und bereits mittels xdrip+ (android-Smartphone) in Betrieb genommen.

    Sowohl meine Frau, als auch ich besitzen ein iPhone. Hierauf installierten wir die App spike.

    Die Einstellungen die in beiden Apps vorgenommen werden müssen hinsichtlich „master“ und „follower“ sind mir grundsätzlich bekannt – trotzdem bekomme ich es nicht hin, was m. E. an der mongodb-URL liegt.

    Hat vielleicht jemand einen Tipp für mich?

    Herzlichen Dank vorab!

  12. Hi!
    First of all, thanks for all the good info you put out on our page!!! As a newbie to DT1 it has given me a lot of good tips.

    I must ask one thing regarding the startup of a new libre and the number of “readers” you can have. I have just bought a Maiomiao and is about to install it in a few days when I change the libre. To the questions:

    How do you start a new libre sensor, by the libre reader or other method?
    Are you able to use the libre reader, your phone and the Miaomiao as readers on one libre sensor?

    Many thanks!

  13. Hi Kevin,

    Shouldn’t you disclose in your article that in addition to the $10.00 people get as a discount with the Miao Miao for using your code above, you personally also get 6% of that person’s purchase amount? And also that the 6% you get back doesn’t affect your opinion/review of the device?

    I mean I agree with you that the Miao Miao is probably the better third party device versus Blucon, but for all I know that piece of financial return information could very well affect the quality of your opinion in your review and endorsing the Miao Miao because you stand to gain by having more people use the code. Just asking for some transparency/disclosure so readers know….

      1. Ok. It’s just on the Miao Miao site it says that you can get a $10 coupon for someone and if they use your referral code then you get 6% of the friend’s purchase amount. Maybe that isn’t the case in this instance, just was asking/wondering after I read your article. Otherwise, the article was very helpful.

        And I agree, it is pretty darn expensive for some otherwise simplistic third party tech that can’t be super expensive to make, but at least the battery is rechargeable….

  14. Hallo Kevin,
    vielen Dank für dein Engagement. Die Beiträge sind wirklich sehr informativ. Vielleicht kannst du mir bei einer Frage behilflich sein.Meine Tochter (10) spielt Eishockey. Wie weit kann Miaomiao funken da sie das Handy ja nicht mit auf das Eis nehmen kann. Vielen lieben Dank im Voraus.

  15. Hi Kevin,
    Do you know happen to know of the cheapest smartwatch I can buy for the miaomiao that doesnt need to be used with a smartphone (other than perhaps for the initial setup, for which I can borrow a friend’s phone)? (I don’t own a smartphone – believe it or not!)
    Thanks for that and for your excellent blog.

    1. Hi David, I guess there is no smart watch with such a good battery-life. At the moment I’m not sure if there is any app / watch that runs as standalone with miamiao. Maybe another blog visitor can help. I would like to know it too.

  16. Hi Kevin, with the Freestyle Libre 2 about to be released with Bluetooth and alarms built in (see Abbott press release link below), does this mean MiaoMiao / Blucon transmitters are no longer required to get continuous data pushed without scanning? Do you know if the Freestyle Libre 2 will work with Spike app or if this is required anymore?
    Appreciate your insight.

  17. I have an iPhone SE which does have NFC but it’s not compatible with Abbot’s librelink app. I also have the Spike app and the Miaomiao reader. Do I still need to purchase the Freestyle libre reader to activate the sensors? I’m so confused 🙁

  18. Hallo Kevin!
    ich habe vor Wochen den Sensor für meine Tochter gekauft und wir benutzen xDrip+ auf einem Samsung S5 2017
    Leider funktioniert der Sensor nicht einwandfrei. Der Sensor wird oft nicht gefunden und er wartet, wenn man den Sensor neu startet auf Transmitter -Daten. Hast du einen Tipp?

    LG Andrea

  19. Lieber Kevin!
    Wir haben kein Problem bei der Übertragung, sondern der Sensor lässt sich über Bluetooth nicht mit dem Handy koppeln. Manchmal funktioniert es dann, wenn man mit xDrip+ “Bluetooth scan” durchführt warum es funktioniert, das wissen wir nicht.

    LG und Danke für die Rückmeldung

  20. Hello, I’ve purchased the MiaoMiao transmitter but didn’t receive it yet. I was wondering if I will need to activate the transmitter with a new sensor or will it work immediately on a sensor already in use?

  21. Hi,
    Do you happen to know if it’s possible to attach the miaomiao (upside down) on top of the sensor (or sideways) rather than underneath it – I would prefer that it would be less visible to others and below the sensor can be seen more easily. Is there any problem with that?
    In fact, can the libre sensor be attached to anywhere else on the body than the upper arm e.g. the leg?
    That would also allow it to be more concealed.
    Thanks for your help and for the amazing blog!

  22. This will be the second battery replacement for my phone. So far so good. As with all my phones, if you don’t use it the battery life is great. 🙂 Seriously though — it is significantly better than the one I took out of it that was dying. Now I can have a texting conversation without losing 50% of the battery by time I’m done.
    Thank you!

  23. Hallo!
    Wir haben seit ca. 2 Monaten den Miaomiao – anfangs hat er sehr unregelmäßig funktioniert und teilweise gar nicht – dachten der Sensor sei kaputt.
    Dann habe ich einen IT-Fachmann zu Rate gezogen – die Installation hat sehr kompliziert ausgesehen, viele Foren wurden befragt – aber jetzt funktioniert er seit ca 4 Wochen einwandfrei. Nach 1,5 Jahren ist es mit den schlaflosen Nächten vorbei. Ich kann jederzeit auch auf meinem Handy mitschauen, wie die Werte meiner Tochter währen der Nacht sind, ohne dass ich messen gehen muss – einfach super!

  24. Hi, do you know if you can connect multiple devices to it? IE I have an iPad and an iPhone. I would like to have my iPad on my desk with the info on but not have to keep reconnecting if i want to go out without my iPad to use on my iPhone.

    Many thanks!

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