Eversense CGM — More time in range

More time in range - cgm - eversense
The chip, my diabetes and I

Ten days after I got my Eversense sensor I feel more comfortable. The wound is healed and the cut is really small (I guess about 4-5mm). At the beginning, I was very careful with the plaster and the transmitter. I thought that I might hurt myself, therefore I left the stripes and the plaster at my arm for about a week. To find the right place for the transmitter wasn’t easy, because the transmitter needs to be right on top of the sensor to get power. Continue reading

Needlebox – Pandora’s box

nadelbox pen diabetes


Automatisierte Nadel Box
 Needle Box

I built my first needle box prototype. Usually needle boxes look and feel awful. Thats why I hide them, but thats a reason why I don’t change my needles that often. With this Diabetes Life Hack Needle Box I have them always on my table and can change them quickly. The Box also reminds me with a funny hint. Have a look at the video 🙂

Used for this Prototype