How I use the Freestyle Libre as CGM with alarms

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There’re more and more blood glucose meter, cgm and fgm systems like the Freestyle Libre, Dexcom, Eversense or Enlite but there are also some solutions from startups or the diabetes community – it’s not unusual to lose track of all the gadgets. Although, I’m constantly testing and looking for new technologies, which is very hard to figure out what really fits to my needs and lifestyle. In addition, not everything is cheap or it’s hard to convince the health insurance to cover it. After you made your decision it’s not clear that the new diabetes system fits into your everyday life.  

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Eversense CGM — More time in range

More time in range - cgm - eversense
The chip, my diabetes and I

Ten days after I got my Eversense sensor I feel more comfortable. The wound is healed and the cut is really small (I guess about 4-5mm). At the beginning, I was very careful with the plaster and the transmitter. I thought that I might hurt myself, therefore I left the stripes and the plaster at my arm for about a week. To find the right place for the transmitter wasn’t easy, because the transmitter needs to be right on top of the sensor to get power. Continue reading

Der Weg zum Superhelden?

cyborg superhero or disabled
Eversense Sensor Stripes Blood
Eversense Sensor / Stripes
Die ersten Tage mit dem Eversense CGM

Fünf Minuten, länger dauerte der Eingriff nicht, welcher mich zum Cyborg wandelte. Ab jetzt sitzt ein 8mm langer Eversense CGM Sensor in meinem rechten Arm und misst kontinuierlich meine Gewebeglukose­konzentration. Mensch und Maschine verschmilzt, wie es Ray Kurzweil in seinem Buch „The Age of Spiritual Machines“ prognostizierte. Oft trafen seine Prognosen nicht zu, aber in einem Punkt hatte er recht. Die Menschen fangen an sich Technik zu implementieren. Continue reading