Needlebox – Pandora’s box

nadelbox pen diabetes


Automatisierte Nadel Box

I built my first needle box prototype. Usually needle boxes look and feel awful. Thats why I hide them, but thats a reason why I don’t change my needles that often. With this Diabetes Life Hack Needle Box I have them always on my table and can change them quickly. The Box also reminds me with a funny hint. Have a look at the video 🙂

Used for this Prototype

The forgetful Diabetic

vergesslicher Diabetiker

The digital dementia is unstoppable. More and more information goes directly into our mobile hard drive in our pocket instead into our brain. For me it’s already clear, I’m suffering from digital dementia. A few years ago I was able to remember all phone numbers from friends and family. Nowadays I’m happy if I know the number of my parents.

To be diabetic and forgetful doesn’t really fit together. I guess everyone know the situation: You leave the car and a few seconds later you ask yourself “Did I close the door?”. With diabetes it’s similar. Did I injected Insulin for my last meal? Yes or N0? Is my blood sugar meter in my bag? Dextro energy in my pocket? How high was my last sugar level? Questions like that are bothering my all the time.

But there are a few tools that can help:

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